Momenta T2DR Phase 2

Product image 1Momenta T2DR Phase 2
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For your Momenta Phase 2 Food Reintroduction order, you need to select a total of 12 cartons of shake and/or soup sachets, choosing any combination of the 6 different flavours.  Your first Altralife order will contain a shaker.

 To do this, select a flavour and press ‘Add to cart’.  Continue until your Cart has your preferred 12 cartons in it and then press ‘Checkout’.  You can see how many cartons are in your cart at the top of the screen. 

Each carton contains 7 single-serving (52g) sachets of the same flavour.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQs page.

Altralife is a delicious instant shake and soup mix for weight management

• 225kcal per serving
• Complete nutrition

Recommended dosage: 1 serving per day (each 52g serving to be mixed with 200ml water).

Must be used under medical supervision if using as a total diet replacement for longer than 8 weeks

Altralife is formulated to provide energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals for total diet replacement for weight management.

Allergen information: Contains milk (protein and lactose) and soya. Gluten free. No artificial colours or preservatives. Contains sugar and sweeteners.

For nutritional and ingredient information, please click here

Country of origin: Ireland

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